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I’m Athena! I’m a qualified psychologist, self-help columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine and author on a mission to help you feel good!
 I believe that empathy, self-care and kindness towards self and others is what really matters. I also know that we all have the innate ability to heal our lives. It hasn’t always been like this for me though… For a long period of time I felt completely lost and confused. I had no idea where I belonged in the world. Or what I could possibly have to offer others. I followed so many different paths only to feel more frustrated and stuck. It was only when I went within that I realized that nothing outside would ever make me feel what I was craving… Self- acceptance. So, in the process of following my path, I trained as a psychologist so that I could learn from people whose jobs it was to study human behavior. It was a process that would take me 7 years to complete. I also knew that I would never just be a therapist working in a 9-5. It’s simply not who I am. I am an East meets West kind of therapist with entrepreneurial blood. I love the fact that I have learnt amazing tools through my extensive training. I also love to blend topics that are out of the traditional mode of operating. I think that having both skills is ultimately the best place to be I am so happy that you are here in this journey with me! Come and say , ‘hi’ to me on Instagram. 


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