Courage is an act of self-empowerment . Athena Laz.

How to take a step forward when you lack courage

It takes a lot of nerve to create a life that you love.

Not a life that someone else thinks that you should live or the life your parents or partner have mapped out for you.

A life that you wake up feeling organically thankful for.

It takes courage to discover your deepest desires & to then actively pursue them. (Tweet That) Athena Laz's Tweet That

In doing so you risk  being vulnerable.

You risk failing.

You risk flying.

You risk living a life well lived because it may make others uncomfortable.

Courage is taking one small step forward & then another - even when you feel afraid, especially when you feel afraid. By Athena Laz

You risk walking your own path and trusting that not only will you always be safe but that you will be in the flow of connectivity  that is the pulse of life.

Creating this space and community was an act of courage.

In fact, I sat with the idea for almost two years.

That’s how long it took me to gather my courage and leap.

To place myself in the line of others with an open heart, ready to receive whatever came my way.

I’m grateful to say that my start has been blessed with a supportive group of wonderful people edging me further along.

And so to you I am grateful.

Grateful that you’ve joined me in this journey but also grateful that you are one of the people willing to do the work that is so very much required.

When you take a courageous leap of being unashamedly and utterly authentically you,  you walk in your truth and that truth is felt by others.

So in creating a space and life for you be courageous.

Air out your skeletons so that they no longer weigh you down.

Trust that you can make the changes that you know need to be made.

 Trust that you will be caught by the invisible net that is one & all a universal mirror.

Because you will be caught and it will be beautiful.

Are you ready?

With gratitude,

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I designed this site to serve as a supportive, uplifting and inspired community.

That means I would love to hear from you.

So please share your act of courageous living in the comment section below.

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