Freedom is a Feeling – Not a Destination or an Amount.

How to feel free in 5 easy steps. #AskAthena (aka Athena Laz)

How to Feel Free

Emotional and mental freedom is NOT a place, monetary amount or relationship statusAthena Laz's Tweet That

Emotional and mental freedom is a state of beingAthena Laz's Tweet That

I believe that we can all find peace in imperfect situations


at the same time learn to bring forward our dreams and turn them into realities without the pain of idealism.

You can shift any emotional barriers and blockages, if you are willing to look within and allow that which frightens you to come up to the surface.

This does not need to be a painful endeavor filled with hours of painful processing.

Healing and allowing a state of peace can happen quickly if we allow it to. Athena Laz's Tweet That

So what can you do when life seems to be repeating the same pattern and  you feel wholeheartedly stuck?

You can simply shift this with the help of Radical Acceptance, Imagination


these 5 Simple Steps to Freedom:

How to feel free in 5 simple steps + an audio workshop on how to move from stuck to success by Athena Laz

STEP 1: Notice the things that you say to yourself that make you believe that you are X,Y,Z…

STEP 2: Acknowledge these thoughts then gently allow them to disappear.

 STEP 3: Accept where you are (do not live in  denial about the reality of your situation).

STEP 4: Then imagine where you would like to be.

STEP 5: What would you need to do, let-go of and allow for it to come into your life?

Would you need to ask for help?

Believe that your beautiful something is on the horizon and then let it meet you half way. You take a few steps forward and so does the world.

I would love to hear what your thoughts on emotional and mental freedom are, simply leave a comment below.

You can also watch my interview with Danielle LaPorte , right here, on how we all fear and how we can move forward anyway.

Onward & Upwards,

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Athena Lazarides is a psychologist, self-help author and entrepreneur.

  1. Melissa 4 years ago

    Hi Athena,

    I really feel like this resonated with me. I’m always thinking that when I arrive at a certain destination (career goal of having a smoothly, oiled running machine) that I’ll feel at peace and be happy but really my life is happening right now! Thank-you for the reminder.

    Mel X

  2. Susan 4 years ago

    I’m the worst at this!

  3. Author
    Athena Lazarides 4 years ago

    It’s totally okay to be! There is no PERFECT. I think it’s a matter of being mindful of when you feel like you are on the hamster wheel and then simply deciding to step off <3

  4. Author
    Athena Lazarides 4 years ago

    Hi Mel!

    Thank-you for putting it so beautifully!


  5. Author
    Athena Lazarides 4 years ago

    Aahh Susan , be gentle with yourself. We’re all learning. A

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