Change your story, change your life.

Change your story, change your life.

Most people know that they want to experience something better but at the same time they cannot imagine things being better.

 Knowing what we don’t want to experience in our lives is easy.

Knowing what we do want is  sometimes more difficult to define.

I often get told by my clients that when they start to imagine their ideal way of living, intrusive scenarios pop into their heads and “ruin” their creative process of visioning (i.e. their process of conscious creation).

A great example of this comes from Casey* a 34 year old woman who lives with her husband.

In her creative visioning process she begins imaging her husband and her enjoying a beautiful, beach holiday.

As she relaxes into the creative process she begins to enjoy what she and her husband could do together.

For example she sees them travelling on a boat together, having sex in exotic locations and generally experience a more playful, intimate relationship together.

As she continues to envisioning her relationship with her husband a gorgeous woman spontaneously, appears in her daydream.

Her creative visioning process takes an unexpected turn.

Casey explains that this women is having an affair with her husband and that she discovers that their idyllic holiday getaway is all a lie!

Her mind has led her into a hazy maze of betrayal and infidelity.

Her creative process unravels into a painful situation of disloyalty, hurt and anger.

Her immediate reaction to these intrusive thoughts is to want to simply shut down the process.

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She exclaims that she has ‘failed at the exercise’ and ‘isn’t good at anything’.

Casey is understandably feeling upset and overwhelmed.

At this point, I remind Casey that her husband has not actually done any of these things.

He hasn’t actually had an affair.

There is no other woman.

Her own mind has led her to this place.

She alone has conjured up the pain of infidelity.

 I reflect to Casey, the she cannot allow herself to imagine herself being happy with her husband, and as a result has sabotaged her own creative visioning process by breathing life to an adulterous mistress.

An intruder in her very own creative process is simply a guiding light from her own mind, showing her were further healing needs to occur.

Through further discussion with Casey, it became clear that her creative vision was linked to the fact that her parent’s marriage had fallen apart, years prior, due to infidelity.

Casey was unknowingly carrying around the belief that her marriage would end just as her parent’s marriage had.

Without the help of this simple exercise, Casey would not have realized that she held his belief.

Casey feared experiencing the loss, abandonment and rejection that she had witnessed as a child during the dissolution of her parent’s marriage as an adult.

Ultimately, her discontent with her husband was all about her own beliefs.

Her beliefs around marriage, in her ability to trust in the notion of marriage, and in the waves of change that occur organically in any relationship.

She could not trust herself enough to allow her husband fully into her own life, in case he left her for someone else.

When we heal the wounds of our past, we move forward into our lives with an unburdened sense of self and a higher awareness of what our own triggers are. Athena Laz's Tweet That

This new awareness of self helps us open our hearts and minds.

We learn to further trust in the very process of life.

Once you allow yourself the creative space to imagine how you would love your life to be and at the same time clear any internal resistance to receiving that life, you automatically send a message to the universe that you are ready for all the new, wonderful, experiences coming your way.

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