Sonia & Sabrina Choquette Tully on Developing Intuition & You are Amazing

Athena Laz interviews Sonia and Sabrina Choquette Tully on Intuition and You are Amazing

How often have you been told that you are amazing?

According to research published, by the Dove Self-Esteem project, 7 out of 10 women believe that they are not good enough.

Experienced either through their appearance, performance at work or in their relationships.

  So what does it take to believe that you are amazing?

I interview dynamic sister duo Sonia and Sabrina Choquette Tully on how to cultivate self-esteem through nurturing intuition.

Here’s a sneak snippet of what you can expect from the video interview;

“We don’t want you to live good enough lives.

We want you to create freaking magical lives with beautiful adventures and fabulous wardrobes to match. Our hearts lead the way, and our Spirits are firmly in place, and we do these things with a latte in hand and our iPhones tucked into the back pockets of our skinny jeans.”



Watch this video interview to learn:

  1. What trusting your gut means.

  2. How to feel amazing.

  3. The power of your own voice.

  4. The very thing that you are trying to hide is what makes you amazing & not everyone is going to love that & that’s okay.

  5. Intuition is a keen sense of the obvious  Athena Laz's Tweet That


Sonia and Sabrina Tully are 20 something best-friends and sisters. Their debut book, You are Amazing: A help yourself guide for trusting your vibes + reclaiming your magic, will be released in May 2017.  You can follow their work here.


Athena Laz is the founder of, where she uses her skill as a licensed psychologist, self-help author & columnist to help others find their inner power.

P.S. As always we love to hear from you. So tell us – how do you experience your intuition?
Is it something that guides you in your everyday life?



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