Ashley Knight, Business Guru & Strategist, on How To Cultivate a Success Mindset

How to grow a biz & blog online: an interview with Ashley Knight & Athena Laz

How to Create a Successful Online Business

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve just launched my first, Master Your Inner Criticwebinar!

 I have so many people to thank but Ashley Knight’s name comes to mind fast and frequent.

 Ashley Knight is a business strategist and bad-ass all round femtrepeneur.

I was fortunate enough to chat to the first time mum before she signed off for her  glorious maternity leave.

Ashley has created an online home for thousands of female entrepreneurs across the globe through her Facebook Mastermind group, Hello Boss Creative.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, she has appeared in Sunday Times and Woman & Home for her expertise in social media, branding and business strategy.

 Ashley wants you to get what you need for where you are in business & that’s why I knew I just had to interview her.

 We’ve all heard of bloggers who strike it rich and live freedom based lifestyles but how easy is it to actually create and sustain successful and financially abundant online businesses?

 A study published by US Direct Marketing Association estimated that the business of online marketing is estimated to be worth around $62 billion.

We know that bloggers and entrepreneurs can make loads of money in this industry – you just need to look at lifestyle entrepreneurs on  Instagram-but at the same time 90% of businesses fail within the first two years.

So why do some people succeed and others fail?

Ashley and I dig deep and share two critical factors for success : a growth mindset & a good business plan.

Grab a pen because in this video, you will discover:

*How to gain experience before you launch your big idea.

*A practical exercise to identify your purpose.

*Why a passive sales technique will work for your business.

* Learn how to fail forward!Athena Laz's Tweet That

*Where to find supportive biz partners who’ll  have got your back!


Ashley is the owner and mastermind behind The Ashley Knight Company . Her business is geared towards offering online resources for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners; that equips them with what they need to grow their income, business and audience in the online space.

Athena Laz is the founder of, where she uses her skill as a licensed psychologist, self-help author & columnist to help others find their inner power.

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