Stepping Out of Fear

Stepping out of fear by Athena Laz

Stepping Out of Fear

Back in 2010, I  was in a romantic relationship that I knew was unhealthy. I remember knowing, deeply knowing, that I needed to end the relationship for both our sake but I was afraid. I was afraid of the change and loss that would inevitably accompany the break-up. I was also afraid that my worst-case scenario would come to be.  Immobilized by fear, I began to lose my connection to my inner power.

I was locked between feeling unhappy within the relationship and being equally afraid of stepping out of the relationship. I would lie there at night (with him fast asleep next to me) and think ‘I want to leave but I can’t right now, moving is just too hard. ’ I used that excuse day in and day out in order to stay right where I was –stuck. Locked in unhappiness and fearful of the unknown, I refused to face the fact that I was actively choosing my circumstances.

On some level I knew that I was lying to myself but I just didn’t believe that I had the inner power to face what I was going through. I didn’t believe in myself enough. So there I was repeating the same excuse over and over, ‘it’s too hard to pack up and move right now – even though I want to’. I must have repeated that to myself over a hundred times.

At the height of my frustration and excuse-making, a freak flash flood swept through our neighbourhood seriously damaging three houses. Of course, one was mine.  The flood literally washed away the excuse I had so desperately clung to.  My possessions were either destroyed or packed up by people who came to support us the next day.

“Problem solved”. I was no longer required to remain where I was. I could leave unencumbered. It was a thunderous sign so obvious in nature that I was forced to face what I had been avoiding. I needed to start listening. I could no longer hide, numb or avoid my pain. A day or two later, we broke up and I began the slow process of returning to myself.

The flood showed me that I had always been in connection with the Universe, even in the height of my fear when I felt completely disconnected. Even when I had tried to consciously shut down my inner world; the Universe had still been listening. When I recognized this I actively began to consciously co-create my life because I knew I could. As can you.

Two years after that experience, I also realized the perfection that was that flood. How the force of change in my life was delivered through the means of overflowing water and how important that it was delivered to me in this way.  Water is equally symbolic of our emotions and our intuitive gifts. Both of which I was desperately trying to avoid prior to the flood.  When the flood happened, it literally and figuratively washed away that which was no longer working for me. I could no longer deny my intuition and I also couldn’t ignore how I was feeling. I needed to acknowledge my truth.

If you are locked in self-doubt and fear right now, take comfort in the fact that your inner power is waiting for you to claim it. You can begin by simply acknowledging that this may be true for you. Fear may whisper that this is not the case. I am suggesting that it is.  No matter your fear, you have the power to move beyond it.


Athena Laz is the founder of, where she uses her skill as a licensed psychologist, self-help author & columnist to help others find their inner power.


P.S. In the comments below, share with me & tell me if you’ve had a towering moment in your life & how you handled it.

  1. Colette 9 months ago

    Beautiful read & amazing how you faced it. With love

  2. Emma 9 months ago

    Water & the flow of life. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. The Universe definitely listens.

  3. Author
    Athena Laz 9 months ago

    That it does 🙂

  4. Author
    Athena Laz 9 months ago

    Love right back

  5. Tammy 9 months ago

    This gives me so much hope. Thanks Athena

  6. Author
    Athena Laz 9 months ago

    In kundalini yoga they say that there is a way through every obstacle & I really believe that. You can get through anything X

  7. Sharon 9 months ago

    Athena thank-you – just thank-you for your work .

  8. alia 9 months ago

    Athena seeing you as you are now – and how you changed so much – it’s beyond inspiring.

  9. Beth 9 months ago

    Hi Athena,

    This is lovely. Water and a flood – what a message. So amazing to see you come so far & this is really a testament to the power of words & intent.

  10. Nisha 9 months ago

    Yes, the Universe always has your back!!

  11. Brenda 9 months ago

    Athena how do you incorporate your spiritual practice with your therapeutic practice? I feel like it is so hard to find both in one person. Love your site , your work and you!

  12. Thobile 9 months ago

    Athena – yes this is power . I’ve also really been enjoying your course. I’m saying goodbye to my inner critic!! WHOOP!! Thobile XX

  13. Angelique 9 months ago

    Athena you should write a book -I’ll def get it! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I feel like it grounds your message so much.

  14. Nicola 9 months ago

    Words have power – agree! Thanks for sharing. Personally, my life hit a wall back in 2013. I lost my job, house and partner in a matter of 3 weeks. Can you say tower? Now, years later I am so grateful that it happened. Rejection is redirection. Love Xx

  15. Ashley 9 months ago

    I love the way you write Athena – I second a book! Athena do you work one on one?

  16. Danielle 9 months ago

    I am naturally intuitive and stuff like this also happened to me when I denied my gifts . Your intuituve gifts must be super strong to get a message like this. Namaste

  17. Aisha 9 months ago

    Loved this. I’ve recently gone through a break up but I loved him so very much. Feel heartbroken. This makes me feel like I can get through it. What do you recommend I do to get over this?

  18. Zoe 9 months ago

    So much yes! So glad I found your blog. 😍💓

  19. Ash 9 months ago

    This just resonated so much. Love reading your words Athena.

  20. Kerry-Ann 9 months ago

    I kicked my partner out. She was lying to me and I NEEDED to end it. Still the pain was not easy. I would love to hear what you do (like practically) when you are in a sh##t storm?

    Thanks for sharing your story Athena Xx

    Ps love love your name 🖤

  21. Kristy 9 months ago

    Hi Athena!

    Hope you are good. Do you do one on one work for developing healthy relationships?


  22. Jenny 9 months ago

    Love all the comments. I also went through a very difficult time in 2010 and it hurt so badly – maybe it was in the air?? I’m still single now but I’m happier than I was back then. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter and your course too – thanks so much!

  23. Sara 9 months ago

    I’m going through so many difficulties right now – what can I do to actually feel better now? Thanks!

  24. natasha 9 months ago

    Hello ladies! Love this community and so glad that I found your work Athena! I’ve also gone through some really bad break-ups and now looking back on them, I am so grateful that they happened. Just doesn’t feel good at the time when it’s actually happening – what helps me is just crying it out with my girlfriends and I actually delete my social media apps so I don’t end up stalking like a crazy person!

  25. Mel 9 months ago

    So hard, I know that feeling being stuck where you are and equally afraid of what may come. It reminds me of that saying ‘let go or be dragged’ !

    Love to you Athena xx

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