Healing is Always Certain #ACIM

Healing is always certain #ACIM by Athena Laz

Healing is Always Certain #ACIM

Isn’t it amazing how certain event in your life can leave such a lasting imprint?

My siblings and I grew up loving to play. We would run through overgrown grass and exhaust ourselves climbing up trees.  When I was about ten years old, on one particularly uneventful morning, my brother and I we were chasing each other around the house.  When I accidentally tripped over a carpet, fell, and went into a glass sliding door. That minor trip led to a major op. The accident left me with a big scar on my left wrist and an intense story etched in both my brother and my minds.

Later on I’d go on to discover how metaphysical texts and even psychological ones often state that no accident is really an accident. I’m not entirely sure I agree with that as an absolute truth (I’d love to hear your thoughts on this?) but I do know this:

I have learnt that any unexpected event is actually an invitation to heal on a deeper level than you may have anticipated.  

Fast forward to this present day, me writing to you, and you feeling deeply and fully into whatever “it” is in your life right now.  Perhaps you are equally being invited to review something that you thought you had left far behind you?

My invitation came in the form of having to remove old scar-tissue (that had built up on my wrist from that accident all those years ago) in the process of a major up-leveling in my life.

It is amazing how we can avoid (distract/ ignore) the need to attend to the physical and emotional scar tissue from our past when we don’t feel ready. But here’s the thing: you can be ready and a bit freaked out (aka afraid!).

PIN it by athena lazHealing is Always Certain but it May Not Appear in the Way You “Picture” it.

This process of healing has gifted me insight into two beautiful things:

The First:  The ability to really release an old narrative and to open up to the flow of deeper feeling, receptivity and flow every time I physically move around my wrist.

The Second: That the original accident may have had nothing to do with my eleven year old self and everything to do with my thirty-four year old self. And how amazing is that?!!

So who knows after-all, maybe there is no such thing as an accident and all those sages were right?

Much love,

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