The Art of Duality

Samhaim and the art of duality by athena laz

The Art of Duality

As I sit here to write this to you, I’m struck by the idea of duality and desirability.  How we can fall intro believing that we deserve a  “trick” or a “treat” and that it’s usually dependent on something external to us!

Psychotherapy offers us insight into why we actually fall into duality of thought or cognitive distortions.  Your “baseline”of thinking formed a long time ago in order to psychologically protect you from real and/or perceived threats. So now as an adult this type of thinking may be so ingrained in you that it just feels like second nature – it feels normal! Think of it as your auto pilot sending you “messages” that aren’t actually accurate.

I believe that the Universe by it’s very nature is expansive and that it is our “work” to remove the barriers that leave us feeling disconnected or under-deserving of expansive generosity. Like my husband likes to say, “there is always a YES around the corner!”… BUT if you are stuck in dualistic thinking it makes it harder to experience.

Halloween’s “tagline” also shows us, that as a collective,  we all buy in hard into this belief and experience in some form or another:

It’s either a TRICK OR TREAT.

It’s either ALL or NOTHING.



It can be BOTH- at the same time.

And the more you dance in the middle path- the more mysterious everything becomes because you enter a liminal space where logic can be foregone for  intuition and deep inner knowing.  The more you can remove the internal barriers that you have built that muffle the guidance of the Universe.

You can also alter cognitive distortions, in a purely psychological way, simply by questioning your thoughts and then consciously stepping into the middle path each time you catch yourself thinking in extremes. If this is something that you would like to explore further then click here.

So in honor of Samhain and leaving dualistic thought behind please enjoy some of my most watched interviews related to mystery, magic and spirituality below.

Syma Kharal on How to Invite and Work with Goddess energy: watch here.
Rebecca Campbell on How to Work Your Light: watch here.
Lisa Lister on how to Wake Your Inner Witch: watch here.

Lastly, today’s newsletter holds one core intention: allow yourself to believe and feel that you are deserving of many treats and that your good is not limited.

Much love,

P.S. Please enjoy this free relaxation meditation. A “treat” from me to you!

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