I believe that stories stalk us and that when we feel called to write it is

because something larger than us is wanting to be born. 







Every Story knows the right

writer to bring it to life.

 Do you want to write a book?

I am passionate in helping others to become published authors in a way that is streamlined. 

Lean on my wisdom of being traditionally published and save yourself time, money, and heartache.

I have written two books so far which are in all major retailers in the US and worldwide. I am now in the process of writing my next two offerings. 

My book The Alchemy of Your Dreams has been translated into 12 foreign languages which is generally unheard of for  first time authors.

The book became a #1 bestseller and #1 new release bestseller in the dream category on Amazon, and continues to be in the top #100 three years later.  

If you feel like there is something deep within you ready to come forth then the time is now. I am passionate in lifting up others so that their stories can be seen and heard. 

Do you feel ready to commune with the part of you that knows? Can you touch base with the book that is already written somewhere in your future? Then the time is now.

Ultimately, you can have the best book but if you do not know how to get it published it will remain unseen. 

The world needs your voice!

It needs what is written in your heart.


Both the material and mystical must be in balance

in order for your book to be a success.

I work with people who want to be traditionally published, earn book advances,

and become known in their industry. 



Are you ready to take that book idea and materialize into form? Just imagine readers all over the world happily paging through your book. 

The publishing industry is a wonderful one BUT it is loaded with pitfalls if you are not sure what you are doing. From poor writing, sloppy proposals, and not having the right query letters -- things can go wrong and very quickly!

My book journey has been an interesting one.

I worked with someone who helped me get my proposal together (it was very helpful) but the same consultant wanted to take a percentage of the book royalites. By the way, I should have known that was a huge red flag and luckily out of instinct I said, 'no'.

I also wrote a full proposal that never got shown to any publishers. A helpful gatekeeper told me that it wasn't a good enough idea and she was right!

At the time I was devastated but looking back now I know that that was an absolute blessing in disguise.

Let me help you streamline into the industry. It is well worth the effort and joy to become published and it can be easy.

Now, I get emails from people all over the world. We are a community of heartfelt dreamers and I know that my words have helped others in their lives.The collective needs high vibrational writers who are willing to share their wisdom. The collective needs you!


I am currently in the process of writing my next book and I'm also creating an oracle deck (an absolute dream come true!) which will be published with Hay House. Both the book and the deck will be out in the summer of 2025.  I highly recommend knowing what to expect from the industry before getting started and I wish I had the information I now share so freely with my clients!


This journey is ultimately one of the heart, because it is often when you craft what you have to offer, that you discover the depths of who you are. In that sense, you are then truly seen and the journey becomes a healing one for us all.






You kind of have a book idea or a few ideas but have nothing more than that! 

In our once-off 45 minute zoom call you will share your ideas and what you are hoping to achieve with your writing. I will share constructive feedback to get you started.  

By the end of the call you should have clarity as to what youare wanting to write about and how it can help an audience.

This is for you if you want to gain some coaching around your ideas & how to position yourself in the market. Please note this coaching call is about your ideas & not structural information.    



This is for you if you are ready to get started on a proposal! You already know what you want to write about, but you need to know how to actually write a successful proposal. 

We have two 45 minute calls where you discover the overview of the book proposal writing process. I will also share general information on book advances

Book this if you want to get an idea of the skeleton structure of the industry as well as getting a proposal outline so that you can become a succesfully published writer! 





You've already written your proposal but you need a skilled eye to see if it is sellable. You also need to know the next steps as to what to do and how to approach publishers.  

How this works: I read your proposal and make comments in the document. You then read my comments, and then we hop onto a 60 minute zoom call to refine what needs to be done. You then make the necessary changes, and then resend the proposal to me. I look at it once again. Then we hop on another call to make sure that you know how to pitch your proposal.

Some proposals need alot of work & others don't. Constructive feedback is helpful because you don't want to blow your chance on pitching a poor proposal. I'll work with you to get it right!



From start to finish I will be there with you to ensure that you write an awe-inspiring proposal. 

We work together over a 3 month period and have four to six calls depending on what is necessary.  

I give you direction, you do your writing and then we meet up. We do this until the proposal is ready to pitch.    

I help to make this process as streamlined and easy for you. This includes active assistance with pitching.

Book this if you want to amplify your writing and stand out to publishers.  



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