How did you feel when you read the words ‘what is meant for you will not pass you by’? Did you feel a wave of relief wash over you? Did you feel lighter? (Actually, why not come on over to the gram and let me know).  In most of the one on one work that I do there is always a level of healing being done on the element of trust or its counterpart distrust. Distrust can be aimed towards Self, Others or even the World itself. Trauma, loss betrayal, crisis are all experiences that can cause you to close up resulting in distrust, but as Rumi would say, ‘you have to keep breaking your heart until it opens’. Not the easiest words to swallow when you are in the throes of pain but true words nonetheless.  The medicine for distrust is to Soften and Open. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do this with others or for others but it does mean you have to do it for your Self.  There is an inner place within you that can never be tainted by anything outside of you. As such, you are always and have always been internally safe (no matter the external circumstances that you find yourself in now or regardless of your past).  When you dive into your Inner Self (the part that innately knows) you embody the feeling (and knowledge) that what is meant for you will not pass you by. You acknowledge that good is coming towards you. That there is no need for you to manipulate , cajole or over-work yourself in order to ensure that it will happen. It simply is coming. So you can allow it to be easy. Soften. Open. Trust. Show- Up. P.S. I also want to recommend this amazing Shadow journey that I’ve personally gone through. You can find more information on Syma Kharal’s beautiful site – Flourishing Goddess. You can also watch our interview here.


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